This is a private billing practice.

Fee Schedule

A standard consultation is $95.00 and the Medicare rebate is $42.85. The gap to be paid by non bulk bill patients is $52.15.  Accounts are to be paid in full a the time of consultation. Your Medicare rebate can be paid into your bank account instantly using your savings or cheque accounts.


Patients with a Health Care Card, Aged Care Pension Card, Disability Pension Card or a Commonwealth Seniors Heath Card pay a reduced scale of fees.


  • A standard appointment is 15 minutes to address a single query.


  • If you have more than one query or the matter is complicated, or you are having a Mental Health Plan or you are a new patient with a medical history unknown to us, you should book a longer 30-minute appointment.


  • We ask that you try to observe the one appointment, one problem ethos. We strive to deal with each medial problem to the highest standard and this proves to be impossible if the Doctors are asked to deal with a number of problems in the one appointment slot. Please also note that the appointment is for you only.


Requesting the appropriate length Consultation at the time of booking, will assist us in running to time, ensuring shorter waiting times.


Please do not be offended if the Doctor asks you to rebook for your other problems if you have not booked the appropriate length appointment. We are working in your best interests to keep you safe.


Payment can be made by cash, cheque, Eftpos or Visa. Diners Club, Mastercard and American Express are not accepted.

For full details of fees payable please phone the Surgery on (08) 8332 0055.

Brief $55.00 $19.60 $35.40
Standard 23 $95.00 $42.85 $52.15
Long 36a 20-30 Minutes $170.00 $82.90 $87.10
Long 36b 30-40 Minutes $190.00 $82.90 $107.10
Prolonged 44a 40-50 Minutes $250.00 $122.15 $127.85
Prolonged 44b 50-60 Minutes $330.00 $122.15 $207.85
Extended $360.00 $197.90 $162.10
Brief $45.00 $19.60 $25.40
Standard 23a 6-15 Minutes $85.00 $42.85 $42.15
Long 36a 20-30 Minutes $160.00 $82.90 $57.10
Long 36b 30-40 Minutes $180.00 $82.90 $97.10
Prolonged 44a 40-50 Minutes $240.00 $122.15 $117.85
Prolonged 44b 50-60 Minutes $320.00 $122.15 $197.85
Extended $350.00 $197.90 $152.10
Mental Health Consultation 2713a 20-30 Minutes $170.00 $81.70 $88.30
Mental Health Consultation 2713b 30-40 Minutes $190.00 $81.70 $108.30
Mental Health Plan 20-40 Minutes 2715 $190.00 $103.70 $86.30
Mental Health Plan 40 > Minutes 2717 $250.00 $152.80 $97.20
Mental Health Plan Review 2712a 20-30 Minutes $170.00 $81.70 $88.30
Mental Health Plan Review 2712b 30 – 40 Minutes $190.00 $81.70 $108.30

To our Valued Patients
Norwood Family Practice has an updated fee schedule, please let your Doctor know what is on your to do list so that they can have a plan to see how much they can
go through in your consultation.-